water shield

Your first line of defense

Introducing the next wave of water quality monitoring solutions. The Water Shield is built to provide you with the transparency and advice needed to protect yourself from harmful contaminants.

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Explore product features of the Water Shield that allow for effortless quality testing



We have a company commitment to finding better solutions for quality monitoring. It starts with taking the latest technology and re-imagining possibilities.

The below proprietary sensing equipment powers the Water Shield.




The Water Shield is a game-changer in household water quality monitoring. It will improve people's lives and enable cities to do a more effective job managing municipal infrastructure. We welcome investment and partnership inquiries that support our quest to renew trust in our tap water.

Invest In Growth

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The proprietary technology that powers the Water Shield will redefine the household water monitoring market . With an experienced team and focused business mandate, our company is well poised to meet the growing demand for automated testing. We welcome inquiries from investors who wish to support our mission.



Our household water is the result of a multi-stakeholder process and we hope our efforts to safeguard its quality are equally collaborative. If you wish to partner with us on this mission, please reach out below.