A Natural Source


Natural? Yes. Clean? Maybe.

All water delivered to your home has a natural origin, but there is tremendous variation in the types of sources and levels of contamination around the world. While some sources appear pristine, water bodies are susceptible to pollution from agriculture and industry. This is only the starting point for its long journey to your tap.

Municipal Distribution


Cracks in the pipe

Municipal distribution systems consist of many parts and processes. From pumping and valving to transmission and distribution, your running water is made possible through a complex engineered system. The infrastructure that supports these systems however are often the causes of contamination. Old lead-based pipes, cracks in water mains, corrosion of pipes are just a few of the ways contaminants can enter your water supply.

Common Contaminants

Lead powder.jpg

Many threats

Water contaminants are present in a surprising number of forms, including heavy metals. The World Health Organization assigns guidelines for their concentation to ensure safe drinking water. Some of these, such as arsenic and lead, are more common threats to our water supply than others and their continuous monitoring should be prioritized.